Categories of olive oil

Olive oil is the pure, natural juice of olives, which comes from the cold press of the olive, is divided into three major categories.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Is the natural juice of the olive without further processing beyond cold pressing. Its acidity does not exceed 0,8% of olive acid. It’s packaged with the label "Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

Virgin Olive Oil
Is the natural juice of the olive whose acidity varies between 0,9%–2%. It’s packaged with the label "Virgin Olive Oil".

Olive Oil
Purified olive oil which contains a small percentage of natural juice from olive oil (Virgin Olive Oil) usually between 20%–30%. Its acidity after the chemical process is usually low but cannot exceed 1,5% of olive acid. It’s packaged with the label "Olive Oil".

Two new categories have appeared in the last few years.

Olive Oil – Protected Designation of Origin
This is Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is produced in certain parts of some regions, where the climate, soil and variety of olives favoured the production of exceptional quality olive oil, from the past to present. P.D.O. olive oils have the verification of the relevant European Union Committee and are subject to strict national and European standard checks. Its production is made in numbered bottles.

Olive Oil – Product of Organic Cultivation
Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Virgin Olive Oil which comes from the olive groves which are subject to strict rules of organic cultivation. The whole procedure, from cultivation, cold pressing, storage and packing of the olive oil is controlled by specific Standards Organisations by whom the final product is checked. During the cultivation of the olive groves which are under this control, chemical fertilisers are forbidden as well as the use of insect repellents and chemical sprays. This olive oil is accompanied by a chemical analysis which proves the lack of chemical sediment in the final product.


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